Race format and prizes




The first male and female in the 13km and 5 km races will receive prizes.  Runners need not run together as in previous years as it is now a solo race






Riders compete in teams of 4.  Please ensure all 4 team members enter and sign the online indemnity.

Teams need not ride together as the results are determined by combining the team members' finish times to determine the overall team time.

Ladies' times are discounted by 15%.

There are 3 Race Catergories:

Category 1 - 50/50/20/20 - 2 team members ride 50km & 2 ride 20km

Category 2 - 50/50/50/50 - All 4 team members ride 50 km

Category 3 - 20/20/20/20 - All 4 team members ride 20 km

The main event is category 1 and the winners of this race will receive the floating trophy.

The top three teams in each category will receive prizes.

Prizes will also be awarded to the Top Individual Man (50km) and the Top Individual Lady (50km)


   Race Rules and General Information

    Safety: A "No helmet No ride" policy will be strictly applied;
    Track Congestion: Keep to your left and allow faster riders to pass;
    Litter: Please avoid littering and use the refuse bins provided.

    The committees' decision is final.

    An ambulance and medics will be onsite for the Trail Run and MTB Race.
    There will be a MTB stall for those who need last minute equipment and repairs.
    Given the terrain that you will be riding in, you may suffer puntures.  Please equip and prepare you bike accordingly.
    In each of the races there will an experienced rider sweeping at the back of the group who will offer maintenance support
and/or medical assistance if required.

    Unity in Africa will host waterpoints en route for the trail run and MTB race.

    There will be complimentary massage therapists avaialble after the MTB race.